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Sir your method of teaching and presentation is good. It becomes easier to remember concepts after your class. After your class it becomes easier to understand concepts in the reference book.


NPN Training was one of the institute I visited for Demo class. The way the demo was presented here attracted me and I immediately joined the classes. Naveen is more than a teacher, he inspires and encourages us to learn more and his classes are never boring. He explains the practical aspects more than theoretical aspects. There is always fun in the class. I would certainly recommend his training for my friends and colleagues. All the very best to achieve your dreams Naveen sir. Course : Hadoop

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I am really happy now about my decision where earlier i was unhappy in joining other institutes . But now my choice was perfectly correct finally I found the lecturer who concentrates on each student encourage them to learn many things and teach in such a way that even being a fresher will be able to understand the entire course. As i know it is the first institute which will provide an opportunity to the students to attend twice the classes untill they get complete knowledge about it. About teaching it is perfect so that even a student with limited knowledge about the concept can get better knowledge about it. Now i would really like to thank the institute in helping me to improve the knowledge in the course Course : Hadoop


We really enjoyed the teaching of NPN Training the very first class the demo given by Naveen sir was excellent. And also the NPN Training website for chapter wise questions given to Java & Hadoop is good, so that we will have access to the website and read it for a quick start. Also the video played during the break was good.When compared to other insitutes the fees is less. The best thing is the PPT's were really excellent by seeing the PPT's the concepts gets cleared.


NPN Training is one of the best institute to learn in Bangalore for latest technologies. Mr Naveen is highly qualified & best trainer with very friendly with students. If you look for the fees it is very less compared to other institues in Bangalore. Mr Naveen sir will take only limited students for the batch like 10 per batch to take care about every student. In NPN you will get good knowledge with full hands on experiencr Regards Sharad

Harsha Puttur

I consider NPN Training as one of the finest institutes in Bangalore. Here you will learn not only therotical aspects but also practical aspects regarding how things are working out in real time projects. The fees I consider is very minimal compared to any other institues in Bangalore and you get very good content also. You will get access to a E-Learning portal which includes numerous interview questions, theory codes. It is a very good point of reference to all students. I recommend NPN Training to all Regards Harsha

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Naveen sir teaches really very good. He will clear all the concepts. He has a deep knowledge when compared to other institues. We got a good knowledge bot in selenium and Java. He want to see us a developer before tester. Main things is he will give real world examples for each and every concept which will be more helpful in IT field. I can say NPN Training is thes best if you wan to learn Java and Selenium at very low cost. Before I join this institute I was not having much knowledge about Java but now I am able to write java programs We will get time to practice in institute and all the doubts will be cleared if we have any. Main features of NPN Training Good quality of Training Providing knowledege in both Java and Selenium at very low cost . Limited students so that we will get individual care and attention Naveen sir passion for teaching makes us learn more and more. E-Learning portal where we will get all the theory concepts covered in class Assignments will be given to make us perfect. Regards Shwetha

Kulwant Singh

The joined the institue with a soul reason that I just wanted to learn Selenium and get a good job thats all . However after attending the demo class I got to know that its just not Selenium that i have to learn its Java as well. So we started with core Java and Naveen made it feel like a cake walk with strong domain knowledge Naveen was able to make me understand the concept of core Java very well. This gave me a strong base to learn Selenium. And when started with actual Selenium it felt like its so easy, all I had to do is just read the code once and you will know what is happening . He told how the corporate world is changing and what companies expects when they called us for an interview. With additional training in dealing with different type of Design pattern ( A Corporate course), I got to know how to do one in multiple way. And after the completion of the course I can say that my knowledge had increased many folds and with little bit of homework i should be able to crack any selenium base interview. so as a member of NPN Training family I can say that just join and give it a shot, you will not be disappointed. Its quality that NPN believe in and thats the way it should be. Regards Kulwant Singh

Vinutha B

Respected Sir, The classes were interesting, In each class I have learn new topic. Each concepts were clearly thought by you with example program. Your way of teaching was really good i.t by using PPT's and making us to maintain a notes. The concept of portal is usefull. All the theory concepts were clearly mentioned in portal so that it is easy for us to crack interviews. Thanks for yours encouragement and teaching sir. Regards, Vinutha B

Akshobhya R

At NPN Training, one not only just learn but understands the concepts clearly. The quality of teaching is really of a very high standard as each and every topic is taught in detail. Each and every student gets a personal attention from the trainer as the intake per batch is limited to 12. I really enjoyed the classes & I can proudly say that NPN Training has helped me to learn many new concepts during the course. Finally , I would recommend courses at NPN Training to all my friends who are looking to better their career prospects like me Regards, Akshobhya R

Sajied Ahmed

NPN Training is a place where you get complete information on the courses you opted for. The trainer Naveen is very knowledgeable & supports every individual in the class. All the concepts are thought very clearly with live examples. Its a perfect place to learn new things and implement in our current profession. The trainer Naveen is very much dedicated towards the teaching.Each and every individual he makes sure that all the concepts are understood. Naveen never hesitate to explain the concepts again and again. I would personally recommend every one to join this institute. Regards, Sajied Ahmed


The classes were really worthful especially it is really helpful for the freshers. Being a fresher it would be really hard to understand the concepts as in colleges we didn't had any labs for the course (Java) and moreover only with the therotical knowledge its quite difficult to gain that confidence and attend the interviews. So this course emphasis on practical rather than theory, which is useful and have got more confidence to attend interviews. Practical knowledge is emphasised in NPN Training than therotical.The PPT's which is prepared is very useful .ELearning portal is very helpful which is everytime updated. The very best part there will be individual attention .


The 1st day, when i join NPN Training I felt happy about Naveen , because he explained which is best fit for IT-Industry. What we need to learn adn what not that feels me so impressive. Being experience in industry immediate kick-off is most important aspect in carrer. Secondly, the topic which sir covers so extensively is superb moreover teaching passion is seen. The way house is not built directly, he thought us java step by step which gave us strong foundation in java. Naveen sir teaches in high pitch with so patiently take every one views, questions is very excellent. As per my knowledge you want to learn/expertise in selenium you go ahead without any hurdles or confusion and join NPN Training. If you miss any class sir only tells you to come on this time or this batch which is really awesome. Regards Shivaraj

Girish L

The syllabus content is relly best which helps us to settle faster in the company. Fees is full paisa vasul.i.e.the things we learn & fee we pay is full satisfactory for us. The gain of knowledege is tested by teaching,Naveen Sir is awesome with the teaching skills.A teacher main quality is patience,Naveen sir is provide with great quality of patience for teaching. An online portal with huge information that helps us improving our knowledge on daily basis. The Security maintained in online portal is never seen till date. The delivery of concepts,understanding to a unknown computer science background student is really good. Riding an institute with one man army and without the advertisment and still students are crowded. Regards Girish L


NPN Training is the best institute I have come across. Best points of NPN 1) Quality of teaching 2) Value of money 3) Individual attention 4) Every topic is taught in detail 5) More of coding knowledege provided I joined this institute to learn 'Selenium' from the first day of class, I have gained more knowledge and information. Never got bored during any class as its always a interactive session. The assignments and study material provided is very useful and helps you learn more. E-Learning portal best way to study and provide so much more information about every topic. The mock interviews conducted helps you overcome fear and helps you understand how to answer the the question in the interviews. The fees for any course offered in NPN is perfect for the knowledge you gain here. Naveen sir actually changed my way of learning things. He puts in a lot of hard work to make students understand every topic. He never bores the class and always keeps it interactive Regards Raksha.D

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