I have attended courses in many institutes like NI_T and _Spiders. Through reference of one my colleague I reach to NPN Training. I was looking for a Training centre for 'Selenium' and I choose 'NPN Training'. I am satisfied with the course content and the way Naveen sir delivered . His teaching is CRISP and CLEAR . I feel NPN Training is not just a institute or Training centre its like a NPN family when you are part of it. Best part of this institute is batch strength is just 10 with promised content are delivered with full quality. Naveen sir even gives much more than what he his committed syllabus . He concentrates on each and every student. He makes you to do the assignment which is very good thing, it helps you to have grip of the subject. Regards Ashish

Mohan Gowda

I was a new comer to this software field,basically i am from mechanical,when I attended the demo class first I felt that I can learn a lot about software even though I was new to this. As the days passed I learnt to write and understand the Java programming.Naveen sir teaches from basic and his teaching is very interesting.He also makes every one understand in an easy way.None of his classes were bore.Naveen Sir also shows good motivating videos during break time which is very good.I was actually eagerly waiting for every saturday to listen his classes and more important thing is about the fees he charges is very less compared to other institutes. Regards Mohan Gowda

Virupaksha Gowda

From so many years, I was searching for an institute about the automation testing and finally heard about NPN Training from NK Techies. When I attended first class of Naveen sir, I got some confidence of my carrer. THis is the first thing that i gained after joining this institute. About Naveen sir teaching, he is awesome & passionate about teaching, that too teaching the tough topic and then taking easier way so that the students will get both ways so better. Naveen sir do not hide like other institute he clearly says what all will be taught . He wont cheat our expectations. Only a word I can say about this institue is 'Trust and go' , you will get whatever you want only provided we should also put our effort About the fees guys do not care, you will get more than wht you pay to this insitute I wish all the very best for this institute and Naveen sir. I will be awaiting to hear NPN is the #1 training institute among other existing institues. Regards Virupaksha Gowda


Its really worth telling about Naveen sir and his institute. I got introduced to sir from one of my friend who was a student of him. I was really impressed with the quality of training Naveen sir provides he has really very good knowledge in various subjects. The best part about the institute his he ensures every one understands the topic, he keep asking does every one understands which you will never find in any institute. I liked to ELearning portal which is like a reference for the topics covered and which is constantly updating. Friends if you want to know the value of NPN Training attend other institutes and come to NPN Training you will really feel what is NPN Training. Naveen sir all the best keep up the good work and keep helping to spread knowledge. Regards Bharath


I got the practical exposure on programming and automation tools.I liked the tutor's subject knowledge and his menting skills.Lab facilities were provided with assistance on current day tasks. All concepts taught with crisp and clear manner.

JunedKhan Pathan Facebook

I liked the quality of training and depth knowledge provided in NPN Training.Here every student will be given personal attention. The way concepts are covered is good , even if we did not know much about programming with the support and guidance was able to learn the programming language.

Karthik G.S

The Pros about the institute is Teaching is very good, time given to topics is good, fees is affortable, presentation is good, individual attention.

WasimCompany: Accenture Facebook

I just have to tell you that if you want to learn the keen programming in the respective computer languages (JAVA, J2EE, .NET). I suggest you to join NPN Training. Mr. Naveen PN, teaches with the real time programming examples and business logics. The training will bring lots of ideas, with both substantial and in-depth knowledge together with real time solutions. Every student will out as a good programmer/developer/engineer. I personally believe everyone get the programming knowledge comparably best to the other institutes. The AIM of the institute is to out the good programmers. Of course they provide you best of the best study material and the training.

Raghavendra Rao

Hey Guys , I dont want to brag about the Trainer Mr Naveen nor his institute i just want to ask you one question, Do you want to be an efficient Programmer? If the answer is Yes, then NPN is the place to be. NPN is truly "Best of Best". Regards Raghav Rao

Ashok NaikCompany: Infosys Technologies Limited

Hi, The course timings were very convenient.The trainer is expert and gives best examples to understand the complex scenario. I have spent only 5000 to learn Java & Corporate Training, i was fully satisfied with the training. The Teaching and presentation skills of the trainer were really excellent. Above all Good material and assignment contents. Suggest to join. Regards Ashok Naik

Shashi Bhushan KCompany: EMBED INNOVATIONS Facebook

Hi, Its a very good experience to be learn under Mr.Naveen.Because the person who teaches is having a very good programming knowledge and very strong technical skills. As per to my knowledge no institute will explain any programming languages in depth but "NPN TRAINING" will provide a very wonderful programming logics from basic to advanced in the programming structures.I am very much happy to say, thanks a lot to Mr. Naveen for all his guidance and support.


HI Friends , NPN Training is Best in Best Training Instuite. Trainer Mr.Naveen is very user friendly and the way he teaches is Excellent,i didn't think he would train like this.Practical knowledge,programming skills,technical skills, and confident is very important for every programmer,if you will join here , you will get everything here.I am not telling only for fresher,it will be helpfull for experienced person also. I had done .NET course in N_ _T,I had spent almost around 35k,still I didnt have confident in programming because i didnt have programming knowledge,only theory theory theory....you can learn theoritical knowledge anywhere,if you want to be best programmer join here, i have spent only 3k here...it has made me good programmer. Sir intension is not to Teach us he will Train us to become perfect Engineers. I am telling again, this is �BEST in BEST� institute.... dont think 2nd time to join there... I am proud to be part of NPN Training Institute and Naveen sir Student. All the best friends.....

Yogesh H.R

Hi , The NPN Training Institute is one of the best of best isntitute. The classes give practical exposure to the Programming Languages. The materials are very good and Naveen teaching way is really nice , Once any student attends the classes definitely they will inform to others. At end you will be able to write programs on your own.The way Naveen guides is really excellent , the students gets a strong base in their career.

Janardhan K

Hi folks, The most practical training I have ever received and has been presented in a very user friendly way-well done Highly recommended, the course was extremely detailed made it so easy to understand I would rate the training 10 out of 10 and would highly recommend to others, the trainer Mr.Naveen managed to get excellent group interaction right from the beginning, the course was interesting, informative and very well presented. got great tips and ideas, the trainer is excellent, Great course. I would recommend for freshers.The best place to start their career.

kiran B.S

Hi friends Those who want to utilise weekends for gaining knowledge in software languages,developing soft skills ,gaining Industry oriented skills,then NPN Training is the path for you to reach your destination. As I am a non IT student,I joined NPN training to acquire IT Knowledge it helped me a lot to gain programming skills. So my sincere advise for all students to join NPN training and utilise your free time to get knowledge with affordable prices Wish u all the best :) Enjoy learning

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